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   Relics of some lost race were found with nearly every turn of the spade in upper New York during the early years of colonization. Thus, it was commonly accepted by scholars and laymen alike, and even by the early saints, that an ancient civilization once occupied the area long before the Indians became lords of the land. Yet it is the Indians who hold the secrets relevant to the lost lands of the Book of Mormon. In the introduction of the Book of Mormon we read: The record gives an account of two great civilizations. One came from Jerusalem in 600 B.C., and afterwards separated into two nations, one known as the Nephites, and the other the Lamanites. . . after a thousand years, all were destroyed except the Lamanites, and they are among the ancestors of the American Indians. 
 In the Doctine & Covenants 88:78-79, we are counseled to gain knowledge, and to learn out of the best books such things as history, and a knowledge of all the perplexing things which transpired among the nations over the course of the world's long history. What better things can those in America learn than the history of the ancient inhabitants of the American continent over the course of centuries-what brought them to greatness, and what caused their downfall, and what we can learn from the past. The accompanying vidieos, and the book "the Lost Empires and Vanished races of the Book of Mormon," were created to acquaint the reader with world of the Nephites who populated the country between 600 B.C. - 385 . Learn more about the lands both the Nephites and Mulekites came to settle - their borders and seas, their language and writing sytle, and their migratory routes across the country. Learn of their ties to Israel, and how these New world Hebrews fared amid the vast number of sun-worship celts who also migrated to America, bringing their Druid priests with them. This is a story unlike any other, a story which ties all the missing peices of the puzzle together for the first time, and brings the world of the Book of Mormon to life, a story which you will not soon forget.
     My newest book, the Lost Empires & Vanished Races of the Book of Mormon, is  now available at Deseret Book, all LDS  bookstores, Barnes & Noble and wherever LDS books are sold, including Amazon. The back  back cover of the book reads:
       Phyllis carol Olive's latest book, The Lost Empires and Vanished Races, provides a guide for readers to unravel the mysteries of a world that once played host to mankind's ancient prophets. Her geographical descriptions, archaeological insights, and sociological commentaries uncover the secrets of a land long lost to the forgotten annals of history, and her work proudly stands as the most comprehensive expose' currently circulation in regard to ancient Book of Mormon scenes.
      Join Phyllis as she walks the various new-world territories frequently described in scripture, yet rarely understood by history; explore the fascinating political factors that led to endless cycles of war extensively recorded by ancient scriptural historians, and puruse compelling psychological avenues as you unveil the hidden motivations that sparked generations of inhabitants to live as they once lived in the enimatic world of the lost American empire-YOUR JOURNEY AWAITS.
          In an attempt to make the overwhelming evidence that Book of Mormon events transpired in New York and the regions round about,  I put together a series of videos clipps which act like chapters in a book, with each video adding upon the last until at the end the BIG picture finally becomes clear and the New York setting, and the ancient people who once lived there, stand out as the most viable candidates for the lost lands and people of the book of Mormon. To get the full benefit of the video story being prepsented, it is important that they be viewed in order if possible. In some a few instances dupicate material is included to make the current video being viewed more understandable.
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Map of western New York
   Welcome to the Near Cumorah Setting for the Book of Mormon
The Video Story of the Nephites in America
Visit the Video Gallery to see more detailed videos of the River Sidon, the Narrow Neck of Land, the cement houses of the Nephites, and the weather during Book of Mormon times.
Video Gallery
The Shifting Focus of BOM Geography
The Promised land
The Manti in Missouri Issue
The Hill Cumorah
DNA & the Book of Mormon
The Narrow Neck of Land
The River Sidon
The Hopewell Mound-Builders
Nephite-type writing among the Indians
Plants & animals of Book of Mormon times
The Law of Moses & the Nephites
The Limited New York setting
Metals & Relics
Earthquake & Volcanic activity in the northeast
The Weather During Book of Mormon times
Evolution of Book of Mormon Geography
Church History & the Book of Mormon - 6:25
The Land of Promise - 3:59
The Arrival of the Nephites and Mulekites - 7:12
DNA & the Book of Mormon 12:33
The Hopewell & the Book of Mormon - 13:21
The Lamanites After Cumorah - 7:26
The geography of Book of Mormon lands - 12:54